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RxJS Basics & Beyond


1 Day



About the Workshop

This workshop starts off basic but dives deep, but by the end of the day gets very far into strategies and patterns you can use with RxJS to build applications anywhere JavaScript runs. This is a framework-agnostic class. We will talk about React, Angular, Node and others as we learn the fundamentals and hidden secrets of RxJS, starting with subscriptions, going through multicasting, creating custom operators, testing strategies and more. The workshop will be run at a pace pursuant to the attendees' abilities, and we'll make sure that everyone gets a lot out of the course whether they're deeply knowledgable or new to RxJS. Please bring your advanced questions and scenarios to discuss at the end of the workshop.

Workshop Lead/s

Ben Lesh

Ben Lesh

Ben is the technical lead for RxJS, formerly on the Angular Team at Google, and previously an engineer at Netflix. He's currently working at a financial institution on React-based real-time data visualizations of financial data and distributed systems.

Jay Phelps

Web Platform @ Netflix. Reactive programming zealot and compiler enthusiast obsessed with WebAssembly. Jay currently works on on platform/infrastructure for the member experience.

Jay Phelps
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