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Making a PWA from your web app using Workbox


1 Day




About the Workshop

The web platform is versatile, capable, and can go far beyond the browser tab while keeping its open and universal nature. We call “progressive” the web apps built using the latest browser APIs to achieve a new level of user experience. In this framework-agnostic workshop, we’ll convert a "classic" web application to progressive using Workbox 6 - the latest version of the service worker automation library. So you can do the same with an app you or your company is developing now!

During this hands-on task-based training you will learn about:

- Progressive Web App concept pillars

- Service Worker API fundamentals

- Current platforms' PWA support (and workarounds when needed)

- Workbox library - an industry-standard in the automation of network-related PWA tasks

On the practical side, every participant will build an app which is:

- Installable on all modern desktop and mobile operating systems

- Offline-ready: the app itself, smart caching strategies for the data it consumes, and network-resilient data sending

- Ready for being extended by the next PWA features coming to the web

- Following the modern web development flows for building a service worker

Also, Maxim will share lots of practical tips & tricks, both technical and UX, review real-life PWA examples, explain how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to deal with edge cases.

Workshop Lead/s

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov

Maxim is an Oslo-based cloud and tech community geek. He is a webdev maestro who builds apps since the end of the last century and shares his extensive web platform experience by speaking & training at developer events around the world. Daytime, Maxim is boosting cloud skills at the country scale by leading developer engagement in Microsoft Norway.

In the evenings, you'll find him organizing the country's main web & mobile meetups, and two full-scale tech conferences.


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