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GraphQL For Frontend Developers


Half Day



About the Workshop

There are many advantages to using GraphQL as a datasource for frontend development, compared to REST APIs. We developers in example need to write a lot of imperative code to retrieve data to display in our applications and handle state. With GraphQL you cannot only decrease the amount of code needed around data fetching and state-management you'll also get increased flexibility, better performance and most of all an improved developer experience. In this workshop you'll learn how GraphQL can improve your work as a frontend developer and how to handle GraphQL in your frontend React application. Contents: - Getting started with GraphQL - GraphQL Queries - Mutating Data - GraphQL in React - Using a GraphQL Client - Autogenerating Code with TypeScript

Workshop Lead/s

Roy Derks

Roy Derks

Roy is an entrepreneur, speaker and author from The Netherlands and, in his own words, 'wants to make the world a better place through tech.

He has been giving talks and trainings to developers worldwide on technologies like GraphQL, React and TypeScript. Most recently he wrote the book Fullstack GraphQL.

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