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Component, end-to-end testing, and CI/CD for your frontend using and CircleCI


1 Day



About the Workshop

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) concepts are increasingly adopted by many technology organizations and teams. CI/CD enables teams to establish processes that increase velocity, collaboration, and quality of their codebase, break down unnecessary silos and gain a deeper knowledge of their respective arenas, while focusing on the important things like shipping great software.

Once teams are set up with CI/CD as part of their workflows, the next natural question is: what do you run in CI? and when do you run it? Adding a mix of end-to-end and component testing using tools like Cypress allows you to form a mature testing strategy, cover hard-to-test code (like CSS!) and deliver your application’s front end code continuously — with confidence! In this workshop, we will walk through integrating your frontend applications with CI/CD using CircleCI, and then adding frontend unit- and component-testing with

Workshop Lead/s

Jeremy Meiss & Jessica Sachs

Jeremy Meiss & Jessica Sachs

Jeremy is the Director of DevRel & Community at CircleCI, formerly at Solace, Auth0, and XDA. With over 27 years in Tech, covering just about every functional area including Support, SysAdmin, Application Developer, Program Manager, and Business Analyst, Jeremy is active in the DevRel and DevOps communities, and is a co-creator of

A lover of all things coffee, community, open source, and tech, he is also house-broken, and (generally) plays well with others.

Jessica Sachs

Jess spent the last two and a half years building a new generation of front-end testing tools at She currently works at PathAI as a Staff Software Engineer and is a Cypress Ambassador. She’s been coding for more than 10 years. She was the Architect for Cypress Component Testing, is a team member of Faker.js, and is a contributor to Vue and Vitest. She's also an educator at Vue Mastery.

Jessica Sachs
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