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Building with SvelteKit and GraphQL


Half Day


Introductory & Overview

About the Workshop

Want to get familiar with the framework that took the top spot for most loved framework on the Stack Overflow developer survey in 2021? Svelte is a super versatile framework with no virtual dom unlike React and Vue, it's a compiler that builds your projects into vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This workshop will go over the basics of setting up with SvelteKit and querying data from a GraphQL API and using that data in SvelteKit to retrieve data for use in the client (browser).

In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of using Svelte to build a site that will get content from a GraphQL endpoint. We'll be building a blog! Sorry, I know the blog is the new ToDo list but it's a great way to understand what we'll be covering in the workshop.

Workshop Lead/s

Scott Spence

Scott Spence

Scott is a developer advocate at Storyblok. He likes to learn new things and share what he has learned along the way.

He is a Svelte Society community organiser for the London meetup.

He usually talks about how to get started with SvelteKit, GraphQL and love talking about the Jamstack.

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