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Building Components With Accessiblity in Mind


1 Day



About the Workshop

Want to learn about accessibility through hands-on experience? Then check out this workshop where we'll go over these highlights:

- Gain practical knowledge around disabilities and accessibility without getting overwhelmed.

- Discover tools and methods to improve how you audit your own projects for accessibility.

- Practice hand-on empathy exercises.

Learn how to navigate applications with a keyboard and screen-reader.

- Build reusable components that enforce accessible practices.

- Recognize common pitfalls in component design.

- Incorporate tooling to catch errors in your editor, UI, Git workflow, repository, and CI/CD pipeline.

Workshop Lead/s

Austin Gil

Austin Gil

Austin helps organizations create fast, secure, accessible websites for their customers.

In his free time, he writes articles on https;//, contribute to open-source projects like Vuetensils and Particles CSS, host The Function Call podcast, and speak at events.

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