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Build a TypeScript Library End-to-End


1 Day




About the Workshop

Advanced TypeScript and complex types are cool and all but, do you really need it to ship TypeScript to production? No, you don’t.

What you need is the end-to-end experience taking from a blank editor to battle-tested production code.

And that’s exactly what this is: a hands-on workshop where we build a library from scratch, share it with the world and consume it in a production application. The full spectrum.

This is the foundation for promotion-worthy projects.

By participating in this workshop, you’ll learn about:

- Starting an new project without a boilerplate

- Writing tests and production-ready code

- Publishing a library to the npm registry

- Consuming your package in a React application

These new skills will lay the foundation for you to get a promotion or new job because now you’ll be able to:

- open-source a private module

- lead a greenfield TypeScript project

- publish a design system component library

What are you waiting for?

Workshop Lead/s

Joe Previte

Joe Previte

Joe is an Open Source TypeScript Engineer with a passion for teaching and learning.

He helps developers learn faster through interactive courses, and in his free time, he gets people excited about webdev and indie hacking..


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