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Angular Architect/Team Lead Training


2 Days




About the Workshop

If you're an experienced Angular developer or team lead but you still don't feel like an expert, this training was created for you!

Angular rocks at enterprise scale but can get messy without solid architecture, resulting in slower apps and slower dev teams.

Join us to for a high level, fun, and interactive discussion of the most common architectural mistakes Angular teams are making, how to avoid them, and how to confidently build apps that will stay clean and fast at enterprise scale.

What We Will Cover:

- How to keep your repo organised

- How to keep your team consistent

- How to optimise app performance

- Design patterns and state management

- Mono repos and micro services

- How to pivot with an enterprise app

- How to get others to listen to you

- How to solve complicated problems

- How to get more help from experts

This two day workshop is a combination of training content and round table discussions designed for senior devs and team leads who would like to feel more confident about Angular Architecture. Questions and participation are encouraged!

Workshop Lead/s

Bonnie Brennan

Bonnie Brennan

Bonnie is a long time Angular GDE and the founder of Angular Nation.

She's been an Enterprise Architect, team lead, corporate trainer, international conference speaker, community organiser, teacher, mentor, and mom.

Originally from Houston Texas, Bonnie now lives near Amsterdam and is learning Dutch!


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