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Workshop Lead - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Scott Tolinski

Scott is the creator of Level Up Tutorials where he has released thousands of free and premium web development tutorials. Scott also is the co-host of the popular web development podcast Syntax. In his free time Scott is a dedicated Bboy (breakdancer) & enjoys pushing himself athletically through dance, working out and snowboarding.


Scott's Workshop

Svelte & Svelte Kit For Everyone

A beginners guide to getting up and running with Svelte and Svelte Kit to effortlessly build modern applications quickly and easily. Experience why so many developers are choosing Svelte for their next project.

In this workshop you’ll learn

* What is Svelte and how it different than other JavaScript frameworks.

* How to build basic and complex UIs.

* How to animate your components.

* What is Svelte Kit and how does it relate to Svelte.

* Build full stack apps with Svelte Kit.

* Common data loading patterns.

* Form actions and progressive enhancement.

* Deployment

* VSCode Configuration


Catch Scott's workshop at Modern Frontends Live!

Scott's Socials

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