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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Zachary Powell

Zachary has over 10 years of experience in Android development and now the Sr Android Developer Advocate at Vonage


Zachary's Talk

Using Communication APIs to enhance your UX (and reduce notifications!)

In a world where mobile users are bombarded with notifications at every moment of the day simply sending notifications has become a terrible user experience. Often notifications are completely ignored by the user and swiped away before they are read. So how can we ensure that users are notified about important events and still make sure they have a personal and enjoyable experience?

We will take a brief look at the history of notifications within Android, how they are presented to users, and try to understand why users are less interested in notifications now more than ever. Knowing this how can we more effectively communicate with our users?

Taking what we have learned we can look towards new options like communication APIs and explore several scenarios that show how these APIs can build truly useful interactions with users.

From this talk, you will come away with a better understanding of how communication APIs work, and how they can be used to create interesting and new user experiences. How you might go about creating an interactive automated conversation which could easily be integrated into your application or carried out externally via SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messanger.


Catch Zachary's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

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