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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Winston Hearn

Winston has spent 9 years as a front-end developer, and then moved into product management because he likes big-picture thinking. At Honeycomb, he's focused on ensuring that front-end teams can adopt Observability as easily as possible. Outside of work, he loves books, paddling, climbing, and cycling.


Winston's Talk

Front-end Observability gives you superpowers

Can you easily figure out the elements that shift the most on your pages, giving you poor CLS scores? Do you know how long it takes a specific component to get remote data and become usable? Can you quickly determine if all images in your app are loading from the CDN? Are all scripts properly marked up for performant loading? Could you answer all of these questions without diving into your codebase?

In recent years, the field of Observability has developed amongst SRE/Devops teams to understand distributed systems, and its value is extremely relevant to the world of front-end systems. An app that’s instrumented with OpenTelemetry makes it fairly easy to see what’s happening on your sites and apps in near real-time, and to ask all sorts of questions that give you valuable information you can’t know currently. In this talk you’ll learn about how easy it can be to answer all the above questions, and the open-source projects that are available for instrumentation.


Catch Winston's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Winton's Socials

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