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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Shai Reznik

Shai is the founder of which provides effective, innovative, and fun web development training and services, and the creator of the "Test Effective Development" methodology which helps dev teams increase their productivity and code quality without slowing down development.

As a web developer since the 90's (yeah marquee tags and all), Shai has been an early adopter of many frameworks which ended up becoming market leaders and has developed a unique teaching system that takes complicated topics and makes them easier and more engaging.

Being a leading part of the JavaScript community since 2012 and a Google Developer Expert, Shai has been speaking all over the world giving wild and entertaining talks with over 180,000 developers watching (and probably a few random people as well!)


Shai's Talk

Qwik And The Future Of Web Development

Wow… that’s a big statement… really Shai?

How can a technology which is still in Beta be considered "the future"?

Well.. this statement is based on a research and thorough analysis of the past 26 years of web development, the recurring patterns that affected the transition between web technologies and the current trends and direction things are going towards.

All signs show that we’re at the beginning of a new generation of web frameworks..

The change is coming, heck, it has already begun... and based on how the future will look like, Qwik is years ahead in making it a reality now.

Qwik is a new type of framework that enables developers to create fully interactive JS apps of any scale that load instantly with no extra effort.

So what are the interesting patterns I discovered that nobody else talks about? what will be the mainstream way we'll develop in the future? why am I wearing a weird sweater?

Join me in this talk to find out... (and to make fun of my weird sweater...;)

Shai Reznik

Your Web Development Investment Analyst :)


Catch Shai's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

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