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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Sebastián Ramírez

Sebastián (tiangolo), the creator of FastAPI, Typer, SQLModel, and other open source tools, mainly using Python.

He's currently a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Forethought while also helping other companies as an external consultant. 🤓


Sebastian's Talk

Intro to FastAPI for frontend developers

Learn how to create an API ready for production in very little time using FastAPI with Python... for frontend developers, explained with memes.

Your API will have automatic validation, documentation based on standards, high performance, and several other features.

All this, having editor support including autocompletion everywhere.

In this talk, you will learn what FastAPI can do, and how it could benefit you.

You will see how to declare the data you want to receive in each request using standard Python type annotations. Including path parameters, query parameters, body payloads with JSON, etc.

You will also see how to use simple, standard, Python type annotations to declare complex JSON body payloads with deeply nested structures, and get automatic data validation, serialization, and documentation.

And you will get a sense of how it looks like to communicate with a FastAPI app from the frontend side.


Catch Sebastian's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Sebastian's Socials

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