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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Scott Spence

Scott is the creator of Level Up Tutorials where he has released thousands of free and premium web development tutorials. Scott also is the co-host of the popular web development podcast Syntax. In his free time Scott is a dedicated Bboy (breakdancer) & enjoys pushing himself athletically through dance, working out and snowboarding.


Scott's Talk

SvelteKit and the Content Layer

An overview of the past the present and the future of content on the web with SvelteKit placed to make the most of what it has to offer.

This talk will detail content on the web in its infancy how the modern CSS was born and where that has taken us up to in the present. There’ll be an introduction to Svelte and SvelteKit and how they can leverage what the modern web has to offer.

There will be code examples of how to get started with modern GraphQL clients for use in SveltKit and how to use them with SvelteKit.

We will discuss the features SveltKit has to offer and how to use them in a secure way so as not to expose sensitive credentials on the bowser (client).

Scott's Workshop

Building with SvelteKit and GraphQL

Want to get familiar with the framework that took the top spot for most loved framework on the Stack Overflow developer survey in 2021?

Svelte is a super versatile framework with no virtual dom unlike React and Vue, it's a compiler that builds your projects into vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This workshop will go over the basics of setting up with SvelteKit and querying data from a GraphQL API and using that data in SvelteKit to retrieve data for use in the client (browser).

In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of using Svelte to build a site that will get content from a GraphQL endpoint.

We'll be building a blog! Sorry, I know the blog is the new ToDo list but it's a great way to understand what we'll be covering in the workshop.


Catch Scott's talk and workshop at Modern Frontends Live!

Scott's Socials

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