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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Patrick Brosset

Patrick has been working with web technologies for over 2 decades. He has built websites and apps, libraries and open-source frameworks, and has worked on both Firefox and Chromium DevTools.

Patrick currently works at Microsoft as a developer relations PM on the Microsoft Edge team. He is passionate about the web platform, PWA, and DevTools, and writes a lot of articles about it at on his blog, css-tricks, smashing magazine, and others.


Patrick's Talk

Building integrated desktop experiences with PWA

Does building native apps on desktop operating systems have to be frustrating and cost a fortune? Can't we just use the web to create native-like experiences on desktop?

In this talk, we'll see how PWAs are revolutionizing the way we build and distribute highly capable apps on desktop OSes.

We'll take a look at a demo and deep dive into code examples showing how to create a deeply integrated and native-like experience. With this talk, you'll feel excited about the future of the Web and motivated to build your next app.


Catch Patrick's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Patrick's Socials

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