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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Nico Martin

Nico is a self-taught web-developer and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies from Switzerland. As founder of the digital agency "say hello", he learned early on how to use the web platform to efficiently meet the needs of customers. Furthermore, he has contributed his know-how as a frontend development freelancer and consultant in various large projects, while constantly experimenting with modern browser technologies and sharing his learnings in workshops, articles or talks.


Nico's Talk

Beyond the browser – how to talk with robots

With Progressive Web Apps and the Project-FUGU, the web is increasingly becoming a full-fledged platform for complex applications.

But what has been missing for a long time is the possibility to communicate with devices in the periphery. With WebBluetooth, WebUSB and a whole bunch of new APIs, this gap has now been closed, which makes it possible to interact with light bulbs, fitness trackers, experimental input devices or even DIY toy cars directly via a web application.

Sounds pretty cool, and it is. But those who are used to open and transparent transmission protocols will inevitably come up against a few hurdles - the story of a frontend developer dipping his toes into the IOT world.


Catch Nico's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Nico's Socials

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