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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Nathalia Rus

Multi-award winning technologist and previous mentor at the Boeing Coding School, Nathalia lobbies for better access to STEM education in Europe. Named 16th UK "Woman to Watch" by JP Morgan in 2018, this ex-Goldmanite is now part of a mission to revolutionise the insurtech play on specialist cars.


Nathalia's Talk

Building my startup's codebase from the ground up: Lessons Learned

Everyone talks about code "scalability" and "maintainability", but I remember struggling to find practical, real-world codebase examples with best practices across state management, to UI volatility management, and business logic management.

Years later, I built Custodian - a large, complex platform. Our developers team grew in size seamlessly. I share some of my learnings and shortcomings.

I will walk through our codebase structure, how I learned from open source projects, how we leveraged typescript and atomic design with storybook.

Importantly, I would like to show examples of what turned out to be a great idea, and conversely, what I regret.

This talk is not just theory, we will have a look at some code.


Catch Nathalia's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

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