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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Liran Tal

Known for his open source and JavaScript security initiatives, Liran is an award-winning software developer, security researcher, and community leader in the JavaScript community. He's an internationally recognized GitHub Star, acknowledged for his open source advocacy, and has received the OpenJS Foundation's Pathfinder for Security for his work on Node.js security. His contributions to developer security education include leading OWASP projects, building supply chain security tools, participation in CNCF and OpenSSF initiatives, and authoring books such as O'Reilly's Serverless Security. He leads the developer advocacy team at and strives to empower developers with better security.


Liran's Talk

How React applications get hacked in the real-world

IModern frontend frameworks like React are well thought of in their application security design and that’s great. However, there is still plenty of room for developers to make mistakes and use insecure APIs, vulnerable components, or generally do the wrong thing that turns user input into a Cross-site Scripting vulnerability (XSS). Let me show you how React applications get hacked in the real-world and learn through a live coding session about employing various attack vectors to hack through code vulnerabilities that exist in React codebases.


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