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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Keren Kenzi

Keren is a full-stack developer at Torii, who has been working as a software engineer for more than a decade. She has a M.Sc. in Computer Science and loves React and learning new technologies. Keren volunteers as a program manager at Baot, a community that helps women in tech in their professional growth. She is also a dev community leader and co-organizes meetups. And in her not-so-spare time, she studies psychology. Her hobbies include drawing, photography, and singing.


Keren's Talk

Get your forms hooked with react-hook-form

As Front-end developers, we all know that forms can get really messy, but what if I told you that there is a library out there that can make your life much easier. In this talk, I'll introduce react-hook-form, a library that started to gain more and more popularity. It is super light, intuitive, performant, and flexible with easy-to-use validation. We'll cover its basics through a live code example and learn about its benefits. In addition, I will share with you my thoughts about what to look for when choosing a library to use.


Catch Keren's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Keren's Socials

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