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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Josh Ackerman

Josh works on the product team at Stripe building Checkout and Stripe Payment Links. He focuses on building products to make it seamless & delightful for startups to accept payments online. Millions of merchants and billions of customers use the products that Josh and his team have built. Josh spearheaded Stripe Payment Links, which launched publicly in May 2021. Payment Links allow users to create a payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with customers without writing any code.


Josh's Talk

Building a low-code SaaS business in 20 minutes

Learn how to set up the right recurring billing model, display your pricing plans on your website, accept payments from your customers, and then allow your customers to manage their subscriptions. We'll spend 20 min and write less than 20 lines of code to bring your SaaS business to life. Anyone can build a SaaS business; you need not be a founder or have raised funding. And by getting started today, you're one step closer to reaching product-market fit. Join us to jolt your B2C or B2B SaaS idea from concept or prototype to a business ready to open its doors!


Catch Josh's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Josh's Socials

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