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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Jo Franchetti

Jo is a developer advocate at Ably. She is passionate about Realtime Data, PWAs and great CSS. She’s got 10 years experience as a front end developer and has worked in various parts of the tech industry from startups, agencies, charities to large organisations. She is also a mentor and organiser at where she is able to act on her passion not only for teaching good use of the web but also for improving the diversity and inclusivity of the tech industry.


Jo's Talk

Serverless, WebSockets and scaling. Oh my!

Serverless WebSockets sounds like a bit of a contradiction. Serverless implies that we’re not managing servers ourselves, they’ve been abstracted away for our convenience and WebSockets allow us to communicate between a ‘client’ and a ‘server’, so what happens when that server is ‘serverless’?! How can the connection be maintained without spiralling costs?

We choose serverless architectures because of their ease of scaling with demand, but if our demand is high, how do we manage our Websockets connections, which are notoriously difficult to manage at scale?

This talk will go over an introduction to serverless architectures and why we love them, an introduction to websockets and their fortes and foibles and how to build fully serverless realtime features into your apps.


Catch Jo's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Jo's Socials

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