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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Filip Rakowski

Filip is the co-founder & CTO of Vue Storefront - biggest Open Source eCommerce frontend project. An active member of Vue.js community, Vue.js community partner, co-organizer of Wrocław Vue.js meetups, seasoned international speaker, web perf geek, proud cat owner.


Filip's Talk

How composability is changing the way we write commerce storefronts?

In the last years, the eCommerce landscape has been going through a real paradigm shift. For many years we used to build eCommerce shops using monolithic platforms written in backend technologies like PHP or Java.

Shift Is happening away from platform-centric commerce, toward customer centric mobile commerce. The most innovative companies have already moved away from legacy platforms toward new commerce technology that prioritizes the customer experience.

Because they understand customer experience drives conversion, and conversion pays the bils

The current paradigm shift is favouring using multiple best-of-breed vendors covering smaller functionalities instead of leveraging all features from your eCommerce platform. Thanks to that the technology is specifically tailored for your use cases

During this talk I want to introduce the changes happening now in the eCommerce space and how they are influencing the way we build frontends these days


Catch Filip's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

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