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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Facundo Giuliani

Among the different things that Facundo enjoys, some of them are meeting and connecting with other people, web development, and talking a lot. After more than 10 years working as a developer, creating products and projects for different organizations and clients, he thought it would be great to combine those three interests in some way. In his search of ways to handle that, he discovered the world of Developer Relations. Nowadays, Facundo works as a DevRel Engineer at Storyblok, and he spends his time engaging with the dev community, speaking at events and conferences, creating and sharing content, writing articles for different websites and platforms, leading workshops, and talking (of course). He has been selected Prisma Ambassador, Auth0 Ambassador, and Cloudinary Media Developer Expert.


Facundo's Talk

Don't take it personally, it is personalization

"Personalization" is right now one of the hottest buzzwords in the development world. Marketers, developers, and content creators evaluate the possibilities and alternatives to handle custom scenarios while offering powerful experiences to the users. Let's talk about personalization, the benefits, the challenges, and how we can manage and offer personalized experiences. We will see code examples using some of the features introduced in Next.js 12, the newest version of the framework.


Catch Facundo's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Facundo's Socials

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