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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Eddie Jaoude

Eddie is an Open Source fullstack and DevRel expert, with experience in Javascript, Typescript, SQL, NoSQL, automation testing and DevOps.

The foundation of Eddie's tech ethos is Open Source, as there is something in it for everyone. Eddie founded the EddieHub community to foster collaboration, communication and career development.

Eddie received the GitHub Star of the Year 2020 Award and GitHub Community Growth Award 2021.


Eddie's Talk

Accelerate your career with Open Source

In this talk I take you through my journey of getting into Open Source 15 years ago completely by chance and as a hobby, how I made it into my "day job" and scaled this to be my business.

I will cover why you should get involved in Open Source, how to contribute to open source whether or not you code and how anyone can do this. As well as share success stories of community members who have gone on to have a career in Open Source.

Finally I will leave you with my takeaways on how to succeed with Open Source.


Catch Eddie's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Eddie's Socials

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