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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - David Whitney

David is the founder of Electric Head Software, working as an independent software consultant based in London focusing on iterative software delivery, developer mentoring and cultural change - mostly working with London-based organisations and start-ups.

David has previously served as the chief coding technical architect for JustGiving, and helped market-leading organisations including JUST-EAT, Trainline and Vodafone improve their technical capabilities.

You can find his open source projects on NuGet and GitHub, follow him on Twitter @david_whitney, or check out his technical blog at


David's Talk

Serverless Azure Static Web Apps with JavaScript and TypeScript

You'll be taken through how you can build super cheap, lightning fast web apps, with continuous delivery from your GitHub repositories, that even include server-side API code that is magically hosted and managed for you.

We'll look at local dev, explaining how the developer experience works, we'll cover configuration and secrets management, CI and deployment.

To finish, we'll look at the layout of your repository, and how you can make Azure manage server-side code for you, from inside your static apps, with almost no configuration.


Catch David's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

David's Socials

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