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Speaker - Modern Frontends Live! London 2022 - Alisa Duncan

Alisa is a Senior Developer Advocate at Okta, a full-stack developer, and a community builder who loves the thrill of learning new things. She is a Google Developer Expert in Angular, a Women Techmaker's Ambassador, co-organizes AngularKC meetup, is on the core team of ngGirls, and creates the curriculum for an organization that teaches women web development basics. When not coding or volunteering, she enjoys cooking, watching K-Dramas, and drinking a glass of wine.


Alisa's Talk

Angular Component Test Harnesses FTW

Do your component tests feel "cluttered"? Do you wish for tests that are easier to write and maintain, and focused on testing behavior without worrying about having to always query the template to interact with components? This is possible when you tidy up your test using Angular CDK's test harnesses. In this talk, we'll cover different types of testing methods, what test harnesses are, using Angular Material component test harnesses for immediate results, and how you can extend the CDK `ComponentHarness` to create custom component test harnesses. With the power of testing harnesses, you'll be able to write winning tests.


Catch Alisa's talk at Modern Frontends Live!

Alisa's Socials

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